Dragon Quest XI was revealed once more to the world at Jump Festa 2016, with all new images and videos detailing the projects growth since its announcement over a year ago.

First Reveal 2015, Source: Gematsu

In the announcement at Jump Festa, gameplay footage was unveiled for the first time. The player is seen exploring a meadow area while on a horse. You can see familiar monsters in what appears to be the over-world including slimes, golems, and the infamous one-eyed blue gigantes. Another noted key feature was the ability to view the game on the 3DS as both 3d on the top screen, and a classic 2d approach on the bottom screen.

Along with new gameplay footage, details of a party member, Cadmus, a blue haired thief that will accompany the protagonist on his adventure were also released and shown. For more information, check out this YouTube link.

In the latest recent reveal, we’re given a brief overview of the game, which also included more environments and flying mounts. The protagonist can be seen riding a flying Blue Dragon mount, as he ascends and descends a small mountain or hill.

All new footage can be seen here in this YouTube link, provided by NHK Television

Dragon Quest 11 is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch. The game has a planned release for sometime in 2017 in Japan. No news yet regarding a western release date.