Within a week of the Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile market on iOS, Super Mario Run had been downloaded over 40 million times. Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first official game release on mobile since the growth of the market.

Given its success, it is no surprise that Nintendo will continue to commit more resources into mobile game development. In an interview with President of Nintendo Takeshi Kimishima for Japanese website Kyoto-NP, Nintendo plans to release anywhere between 2-3 mobile games per year with franchises like Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing (both equally popular series’) also in development for the rooster.

Another Nintendo IP, Pokemon, saw a successful launch worldwide during the summer of 2016 although the title (Pokemon GO) was developed by Niantic Labs. It’s clear that Nintendo IP have every opportunity to thrive on the mobile market. With the success of Super Mario Run and Pokemon GO, 2017 and beyond could see the expansion of Nintendo owned IP’s through another platform, which has seen much exclusivity on Nintendo platforms.

The Android version of Super Mario Run is still unreleased.

Source: Kyoto-NPTwitter