The Nintendo Switch Presentation had just wrapped up and with it came a wealth of information concerning Nintendo’s new console.

Officially, Nintendo Switch will be releasing worldwide on March 3rd, 2017 for $299.99 USD.

Pre-orders have already begun at Nintendo of America’s flagship store in New York City as of Friday January 13th, 2017.

The Hardware Details

As reported before, Nintendo Switch can be used in three modes: TV Mode, Table Mode, and Handheld.

In TV Mode, players will be able to enjoy games on Nintendo Switch with the full JoyCon controller once the Switch is docked. This is the typical

In Tabletop Mode, players are able to use a kickstand to place the display on a nearby surface, and use the detachable JoyCon Left & Right controllers to play. Each controller can be considered a separate remote/controller, allowing for Local Co-op or Multiplayer functionality. It is important to note that Local Multiplayer supports up to 8 total players.

In Handheld Mode, players are able to enjoy Switch as a handheld, portable console. The individual JoyCon controllers are attached to the left and right of the display, allowing for full functionality.

Sharing the Joy’

General Development Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi went into full detail about the JoyCon controllers in the presentation, showing the diverse nature of them and the influences throughout Nintendo’s console history and knowledge.

To summarize, the JoyCon controllers have many features including:

– A button to capture screenshots in-game, with eventual functionality to capture in-game footage to share.

– The JoyCon controllers also work as their own controllers, giving consumers two controllers at start.They are also Motion Controllers, reminiscent of the Wii and Wii Motion Plus controllers.

– Highly upgraded sensor technology, capable of telling certain shapes made by the hand within  certain distance.

– A new ‘HD Rumble’ functionality, touting advanced sensitivity in the vibrations to accurately reflect the intensity of actions in the game.

Online Services and Region Locking

Nintendo’s region lock policy concerning being able to play or use games/hardware from a different home region where the origin hardware/software purchased has changed. Nintendo Switch will no longer have region locking, as such games and hardware will work across various international origins.

In a bold step, Nintendo will be implementing a paid online service similar to those offered by Sony and Microsoft through PS Plus and Xbox Gold Membership, respectively. Paid Online Services will be required to access online functions such as multiplayer. Users will be able to connect various other devices to the ecosystem such as 3DS and mobile devices to the Switch to invite friends and other players. Nintendo Switch’s online service will be free until Fall of 2017, where it will officially switch to its paid model.

More features and details regarding online will be revealed at a later date.